2024 Red Angus Youth Expo: June 9-14, 2024

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2024 Red Angus Youth Expo: June 9-14, 2024

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Cattle Shows

RAYE Entries Are Open!

Below are a couple of quick steps to help you find the entries:
1. Log into your REDSPro account.
2. Go to the data entry tab and select online.
3. Select manual job and then Red Angus Youth Expo. A title will populate automatically once you select Red Angus Youth Expo.
4. Select start new job.

Red Angus Youth Expo Shows

Purebred Owned Females
Phenotype/Genotype Female Show
Bred and Owned Females and Bulls
Purebred Steers
Percentage Steers
Percentage Females
*NEW Percentage Shows Offered:
   ~American Red Show (Red Angus/Santa Gertrudis)
   ~Premium Red Baldy Show (Red Angus/Hereford)

Important Deadlines

  • Carcass Contest Nomination Deadline – March 15, 2024
  • Entries Open – April 2, 2024
  • Entry Deadline – MAY 1, 2024 (NO pending registrations will be accepted) Cattle must be on an R or I status to be eligible to show. Please make sure any animals with DNA have time to process.
  • Ownership Date – Must be in the exhibitor’s name by May 1, 2024.
  • Late Entry Deadline – MAY 15, 2024 (Double Fees)
  • No entries will be accepted after May 15.

DNA Order Forms

2024 RAYE Judges

Owned Female Show and All Percentage Female Shows – Jack Ward, MO
PGS, Bred & Owned Heifers and Bulls, Steers – Jirl Buck, OK
Showmanship – Jared Bain and Bailey Wesner, OK

Age Divisions

Age divisions are determined on January 1 of the year the show.

Rookie – 7-8 years of age
Junior – 9-12 years of age
Intermediate – 13-16 years of age
Senior – 17-21 years of age